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23 May 2007

Femme fatale

My sister is blond (or blonde, if you're feeling francais). See for yourselves:


A blond(e) Ruderman? The gods must be crazy.

Also, I graduated. Sort of. I walked. Now I actually have to finish the degree. While I look for a job where they pay me money to teach in a school.

But nevermind that. I now have a blond(e) sister. I got it made.

Get cracking on summer courses with me,


05 May 2007

Holy mackanoly--it's been, like, forever.

A quick post, then, so I don't hurt myself (I'm way out of shape):

Cat's talking to her dad, and she reminds him that my parents will be staying in the same b&b as her parents for graduation in a few weeks. And they'll be staying on the same floor. And sharing a bathroom, she says.

"Bring matches," she tells him. "Bring matches."


Sage advice from a beautiful woman. What more could you want?

Contemplate potential parental awkwardness with me,