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23 March 2006

Since I'll be off to grad school in May for childhood education, I figured I might as well see what this teaching thing is all about from people who actually do it. So I observed a bilingual kindergarten class today for a few hours. The theme of the afternoon seemed to be ridiculously cute children doing absurdly adorable things, mostly angling for my attention. Sweet. Here're their top five comments, for your video-imaginatory pleasure:

1) "Mr. Tucker, I like your shoes." (That kid's got good taste--they're red and black leather Puma mid-tops, purchased from the outlet in Wormtown.)

2) "Mr. Tucker, I like your shoes, too." Points off for lack of originality, but he's no fool.

3) "Mr. Tucker, your eyelashes and eyebrows are a different color [than your hair]." An insightful observation. And very true.

4) "Mr. Tucker, I like your hair." Tell your friends, kid. Tell everyone you know.

5) "Mr. Tucker, my dad works in another state, far away, and it rained so hard, it washed away four houses, and my dad is building a house for my family in Mexico so we can go and live there forever."

What else is there to say? In those five comments can be found the whole of the human condition--joy, sadness, hope, tragedy, great shoes and flattering lies.

Love those little anklebiters/mocosos with me,