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13 March 2008

A-Town is never so present as when you aren't there.

Have you been catching the live coverage of South by Southwest on NPR? Live, hipster bands broadcast from such beloved establishments as The Parish...Grupo Fantasma, anyone? Neko Case, maybe?

Ach, I'm aching.

But maybe the snow will melt sometime in the next few months, and people will wear shorts again, and come outside, and somewhere, someone will do something hip and I can shut my eyes and pretend that this Labatt Blue is a Shiner Bock and that that little river we call the Genesee might actually be the one and only Town Lake.

It's a stretch, you all, but it's what we got.

Miss Austin to the sweet, hip sounds of Vampire Weekend and Bon Iver with me,


10 March 2008

Ok, just real quick here, for those of you who haven't heard or wasn't there:

The Lady and I are engaged. As in, to be married.

It took place on Friday. It was joyous. Pictures will soon be visible here, but for now just imagine insane fun with lots of insane people in ROC city.

And now, I need another nap. Whew.

Thanks 5 billion to all of you who came up here or sent best wishes. You guys totally made our year. Maybe our five years. Spectacular. You have our eternal gratitude for all your amazingness. We will see you soon in or around your own homes, and we will also see you in September, maybe. We'll keep you posted. But you are awesome.

Be all about my Beyonce fiancee with me,