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07 April 2008

Holy crap, I almost forgot:

Assy is real, Assy is here, that Assy is in - your - face!

If you don't what I'm talking about, I feel sorry for you: it's Assy McGee, Cartoon Network's next smash hit.

And our dear, dear friend is one of the masterminds behind it--or at least one of the worker bees bizzily buzzing away to put it all together. The first show of the second season just aired Sunday, and it is very funny. When you laugh when you watch it--and you will laugh--you'll have my good buddy to thank:

Emeen Zarookian. Awesome job, Emeen. Keep it up, brother, and we'll keep laughing right along.

No, just kidding. Although Emeen is probably an awesome dude, our fine friend is Mr. Abraham Daniel Stein, soundman extraordinaire. Once you hear his work on Assy, you'll never think of fart noises the same again. Check out his brilliance (and that of his team, of course):

So congrats, Mr. Stain. And keep 'em coming: so far, so very good.

Walk backwards and shoot forwards with me (and Assy),



Anonymous Abe said...

Took me a while (pun intended) but I finally caught this! Genious. Emeen is the MAN! I love his work.

I promise the best is yet to come... stay tuned.


8:58 AM EDT


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