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24 December 2004

wow. yet again, shame-faced, i return to the blogging arena, eons late and without an excuse. but as some famous troubadours-gone-by once put it, "it's the time of the season for lov-ing." so i offer up this simple phrase..though it's been said, many times, many ways--yet maybe never quite like this: a certain girlfriend of mine's mom said to her nephew this morning on the phone, "feliz merry christmas!" that's just how I feel. feliz merry christmas, indeed.

or, as they say at waterloo records in beautiful, not-so-balmy atx, "peace on earth, y'all!"

now that i think about it, it might be an elvis-beatles, dogs-cats kind of thing--you're either a feliz merry christmas kind of person or a peace on earth, y'all kind of person.

anyway, that kind of rumination is better left till after all the yule has been logged--in fact, it's perfect for the stock-taking and inventory-making of new year's. so tell me, sometime after aunt zelda has finished explaining to you for the thousandth time why your uncle frank is incapable of performing even the simplest household repairs (especially those regarding the plumbing)--tell me, in the form of a terse, hopefully witty comment to this newly reborn blog: is it feliz-merry or peace, y'all for you?

for now, regardless, i love y'all, and hope you have a shiny, happy, healthy holiday.

sing "away in a manger" with me,