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11 November 2006

School Picture Day

Wednesday was School Picture Day. I'm just a student teacher, and I wasn't wearing a tie like I do on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, because Wednesday is School-Wide Morning Meeting Day and everybody is supposed to wear their school t-shirts. (And Friday is dress down.) Plus my hair was in a curl-fro, as usual. But they got me anyway, those crafty photographers. They got me to sit on their stool and lift up my chin and try to smile and not blink and stare at the scary square above the lens and try to hold still just a little longer even though it seems like the click will never come and just when I'm about to fall off the stool cause I can't hold the pose a second longer--CLICK. Whew.

I was a little disappointed that they don't offer the laser background anymore. Do you guys remember the laser? It had a red and blue laser grid at a tilted angle behind the student. Very futuristic, and very 80's. I was wild about those damn lasers for awhile in grade school. I just had to get the laser. I still laugh when I see myself all lasered out in my class pictures, from many years ago. I wonder why they dropped the laser from the lineup. It was quaint, sure, and a little dorky. But it was also pretty sweet--when else could a kid have a picture of himself with all these lasers behind him? The world has become a colder place, I think, since I was a lad, since the laser was the coolest background to choose on School Picture Day.

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