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12 January 2008

A Hairy Retrospective

I'm gonna catch some serious flak for this one, but I gotta do it. As many of you know, we have this iMac, which has made of me a convert through its nifty bells and supercool whistles. One of which has captivated many a visitor to our home, namely the Photo Booth feature, which lets you snap snapshots using the integrated camera (at the top of monitor) and timer, complete which clicky sound and fake flash. But nobody is as captivated with this toy as the beautiful woman I live with, who uses the Booth to document and catalogue the vagaries of her various configurations and combinations. Of hair. Each visit to the salon engenders a lengthy photo-session involving myriad angles, poses, and lighting arrangements. Needless to say, all this is a rich fount for affectionate heckling from yours so very truly.

Which brings us to the present. Let's accompany a beautiful woman on a very personal journey.

In the beginning, there was what I call the Long and Lovely. Imported straight from the mean streets of Bogota, Colombia, by way of McAllen, TX.

Next, we come to the Shorter and Sweeter, circa Fall 2007--a heady time of love, loss, and learning.

A detour through Halloween/Hollywood brings us the Ugly Caty, which makes bad look pretty darn good.

And now, the present: The team is still laboring on the nameology, but the working title is the Sassy Lassie. The tagline: "Business or pleasure--what's the difference?"

SO there you have it. It's been a wild ride, I know--I wouldn't be surprised if some of your hairs were blown back in the process. But you stuck it through, and now you know: Technology is a tool that can be used for good or ill. And beautiful women can make you do bad things.

Admire those changing locks with me,


Well, very belated Merry Christmas; belated Happy New Year; and hope your January isn't as global-warming-cracked-out as mine has been. Anyhoo...

Not too much news to report, sadly. The sun came a few times this week, which was nice, and rare for the ROC city in January. Also, it hit 65 degrees--also rare, to say the least. But I'm fat and happy, so I'm not really worried. Al who?

Also, my lovely lady got us Springsteen tickets for March. She had to sell our as-yet-unborn firstborn to afford them, but it's going to be so worth it. You can always have more kids, but The Boss? That's a no-brainer.

Otherwise? Hmmm...Papi is as ferocious as ever (and it turns out he was in the crate all along). My lady is as lovely as ever, sporting new and daring haircuts all the time. We are Netflix members now, which is ok. I need to manage the queue myself, because I sometimes have different filmic preferences from certain other Netflix members with whom I am in love. For example, "License to Wed" would not have found itself at the top of a me-managed queue. In a thousand years.

But to each his/her own. Far be it from me to heckle others' movie picks, especially when I am proud owner of the original, animated Transformers movie, as well as the original, animated Daft Punk movie. Both of which I love. And watch. So there.

Ok, people, consider yourselves updated. I think this is post # 99, so let's party like it's 19-. Miss you all and looking forward to seeing the Massholes in February.

Go January tanning outside with me in our brave new warmed world,