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15 April 2008

Sweet beginnings

So I finally got around to ordering the GameDay Audio service from, which is a fancy (but not too expensive) way to listen to any (MLB) baseball game via the interweb. After a great deal of cussing, hollering, and moaning, I gave up trying to figure out why it wouldn't work, and went off to pout. Meanwhile, my fiancee, who in addition to being 1000 times more attractive than I am, is also 1001 times more computer saavy, went ahead and solved the problem in less than ten minutes (you just have to download some software. Duh).

So I proceeded, sheepishly, to enjoy the game. And it was sweet. Despite sucking for most of the whole thing--just a little extended Toronto action--the lads finally woke up in the 7th and started playing. And then Manny came through, just when I was washing the dishes and thinking about bed. But I knew I should stay up to see it through, since someone would come through. And sure enough. So I felt very vindicated. I'm pretty awesome, you see.

So that's my deal. Now I'm procrastinating a little since I should be doing some work at school, making good use of my time, etc. But instead I'm thinking about baseball, asking myself questions such as, "What time's tonight's game?", "Who's pitching?" and "Do the Sox play Pittsburgh at all this season, so we could go see Brandi and Vipul and catch a game?" Good questions all. I've got baseball fever, and there's only one cure:

More cowbell. I mean, more baseball.

Take yourself out to the ballgame with me,



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