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02 September 2007

Why are these people smiling?

Mostly because they have lots of joy. They're no longer in pain--especially the beautiful one on the right, recently delivered most mercifully from microbial maurauders--and they were blessed with a superfun visit from old friends and a kickin' housewarming party. The house is now most warm, babies.

It appears that the one on the left might have other motivations for smiling, however. It may be that he is being held at gunpoint, and the manic expression on his face is a blend of terror and more terrible terror. It may be that he has been given a botox treatment, and he is unable to relax his facial muscles. Or it might just be that being around kenlowcellblog and abe.stein is just about the top of the pops for him. And he's got to show it. Or die.

You be the judge. Either way, thanks to all our recent visitors and guests for helping us feel loved and loving.

Now, the news:

1) Cat is down an appendix. No, she hasn't started early on her clinical doctorate dissertation, and hasn't accidentally deleted the part at the end with all the little bits that don't fit in anywhere else. No, she has had removed, following the advice of skilled health care professionals, the little waggly bit of intestine where the skinny long part meets the fat shorter part. That bit became a bacteria farm and swelled up to the size of...something bigger than it should be. It caused savage pain and vomiting, and so it had to go. Now, she's free. And feeling better all the time. And no, they wouldn't let us keep the little bugger in a jar. They got rid of it. We know, because we asked.

2) I am now a certified teacher (grades 1-6) in the state of New York and, relatedly, I have completed my master of science degree in childhood education. This is not only a great relief to me, but also a source of not inconsiderable pride.

3) I have been contracted by the Rochester City School District to teach sixth grade in a bilingual classroom beginning 6 September 2007. I understand that I will be paid to do this work. This is not only a great relief to me, but also a source of fierce jubilation.

4) Papi has been found. In his crate. This is not only a great relief to me and Cat and the rest of the party, but also a source of profound embarassment. And a cause for heckling.

Pry down that smile with a crowbar with me,