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23 May 2008

To quote Jimmy Carter: I have had lust in my heart.

Yes, I have coveted sweet things (related to bicycling).

For example, the current sweet thing I am coveting is this:

Not so much the cruiser--although I am also coveting a cruiser, and a fixie, and a cargo bike, and...but you get the picture. No, my true covetousness lies in the D.L.G.: Down Low Glow.

Produced by a freethinking, freewheeling bicycle collective in Berkeley, the Down Low Glow is the coolest bike feature since wheels. It's safe, too--not only do cars and pedestrians alike see you really well at night, but they're impressed with your style. They'll probably give you the right of way, and let you drink their milkshakes.

Now, before you say anything, I know what you're thinking. But let me assure you: I am in no way associated with, in the employ of or under contract by Rock the Bike, Inc, the makers of the DLG. However, I am willing to showcase this and their other fine products, including the bicycle blender...

for free use of them. That is, if they were to outfit me with a double DLG in ice blue,

with a sweet leather Brooks saddle, and a blender, and maybe throw it all on a new utility bike...well, I'd pimp them at no cost, all over town, all the time. So just say the word, Rock the Bike: I'm yours for a pittance.

In the meantime, I'll be rolling minus the glow, with bike-lust in my heart.

Covet a little sweetness with me,



Blogger MG said...

Hey, what do you know? I just went to this awesome bicycle music festival in SF yesterday, co-organized by Fossil Fool, the very bike-touting rapper who invented the down-low glow. Check it out:
Glad we have the *in-ter-net* to help us virtually roll with the same crowd while living 2000 mi apart! I will see if I can meet this guy and bring up your proposition to sell yourself for sweet bike goods.

1:14 PM EDT


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