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16 January 2007

Washington, Washington

Calling all Tooks alumni in the Washington (DC) area:

Cat and I will be in town on 27 January (arriving early in the morning) and we're looking for a place to crash for a few hours. If you can host us, you can expect the following perks:

1) I will make you a delicious egg and cheese breakfast sandwich (special ingredient: love).
2) Cat will give you an awesome neck massage (special ingredient: love).
3) We will arrange for you to feast your eyes on delightful pictures of Papi the Dachshund Activist. (special ingredient: cute hound).
4) We will compare notes on (read: gossip about) our friends in common and I will compliment you on how well you are doing in comparison to them (special ingredient: schaudenfreude).
5) You'll be taking part in a great mobilization of popular will and democracy in action. (special ingredient: representative government).

Sound appealing? You bet it does! And it can all be yours if you can meet us early in the morning on 27 January in our nation's capital! Annie, Christine, Leah--Uncle Sam needs _you_!

Consider hosting me with me,


14 January 2007

Life After the Holidays

Whew. That was something. That whole Christmas-New Year's-tons of time off from school-thing. Austin is still awesome. Sunshiney vitamin D and breakfast tacos and traffic. Colombians are still crazy, and still heavy drinkers. My liver rolled over and gave up yesterday. I went swimming on New Year's Day in Barton Springs and it was amazing. I went to the southern Rocky Mountains of New Mexico and they are bootiful. LIfe is good.

Now it's back to the grind. Well, soon, anyway. I am not sure when my next placement starts--maybe Tuesday, maybe next Monday--but it's in the sixth grade. Wish me luck. Help me channel the collective spirits of Effinger, Rocha, Silverman, etc. Wait--those people combined? That's a slightly scary thought. Anyway, you know what I mean. I hope.

I also hope that your holidays were holi-days too and that you got some q-t with the fam and the 'rents and other abbreviated entities. Miss you all and love you too. Stay in touch, and call me, for cripes sake!

Pick up that phone with me,