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07 July 2007

Uncle Frank is awesome.

Uncle Frank, I should explain, is Francisco, Cat's older brother. He is popularly known as Frank, but to us, and to Papi, he is affectionately called Uncle Frank. I think the theory goes that Papi, if he thought in those terms, would call him that. Anyway, for our intents and purposes here, he's Uncle Frank.

So, Uncle Frank is awesome. Why is he awesome? Lots of reasons. First, he's a chef-in-training at the Culinary Institute of America, and he's a seriously delicious-food-oriented dude. And so am I. So we get along.

Second, he makes his home in Austin, which is my spiritual home (my earthly body's in Rochester, but my soul rests in Centex).

Third, he is related to Cat, and pretty much anybody in that particular category already gets the benefit of the doubt at least, and more likely, a lot more. So he's got that going for him.

Lastly, and most importantly, Uncle Frank lives a distance away from us, and so whenever he visits, the occasion is invariably one of joyous reunion, reconnection, and subsequent debauchery and depravity (of an innocent sort, of course). I guess it's a pretty Pavlovian kind of response: Frank visits --> fun ensues. Frank = fun. Seems simple enough to me and my reptile brain.

So, QED: our logical conclusion is elementary, dear readers. Uncle Frank is awesome.

Admire the splendid fruits of the Garcia tree with me,



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