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05 June 2007

Cycling danger!

The lovely lady and I have been cycling of late. Cycling as in "riding bicyles," not as in "going through our options in a cyclical manner," or "passing through a series of stages of being." Anyway, we cycled with a bunch of old men of the Rochester Bicycling Club last Sunday for 16 miles along the Erie Canal. Very nice, and historic to boot. Aside from the fact that one of them heckled my bike (a common occurrence, but it still hurts both me and my green Fuji), an interesting conversation ensued with Cat's dad when she called him after our ride. "The countryside is very beautiful along the canal, Dad. Very picturesque."

"Be careful, mi'ja," he replied. "You might get attacked."

"By what, Dad?"

"By a puma."

A puma.

As it turned out, he had been watching the Discovery Channel and saw a show about these mountain bikers who had been mauled by a puma in the mountains somewhere out west. And he wanted to give us a heads up.

Which was nice of him.

His other advice: bring a machete or something. Just in case.

Because you never know.

Invest in some anti-puma bicylcing equipment with me,



Blogger Shenkel said...

Guatemala is full of pumas...and machetes. Cat´s Dad is right...ojo, ten cuidado. I ventured into the world of gringas today and went to a yoga class. I had Chile flashbacks. Everybody was talking about their Guatemalan boyfriends. Jealous? mabye a little but only because I want to know if superlengua is a problem here too.

1:29 PM EDT


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