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11 December 2006

Tooks McBlogovich

Wowser--I'm a stress cadet. Papers, projects. Luckily I'm very motivated. Er. Um.


I'm really a procrastinator.

I'm also very, very cold. I wear pajamas under my clothes. I made a fire in the apartment the other day, and we don't even have a fireplace.

All this by way of saying, sorry I've been conspicuously absent. I've got a couple really dynamite blog ideas. Just have to remember what they are, or go grocery shopping again, where they descend unto me. Anyway, thanks for being patient.
I miss those of you who read this who are my friends, and I'm anxious to meet those who are not my friends yet, and to reconcile with those who used to be my friends and who are no longer. And to those who don't wish to be my friend, for whatever reason: for real, I hope you heal.

Procrastinate with me,



Anonymous Lena said...

Miss you, also - and still your friend! I, too, have mastered the art of procrastination! But also hope you haven't given up. :)

5:34 PM EST

Blogger Katie said...

tucker i looooooove you! and miss you bigtime. abe & morgan & i were discussing how you and cat woman should move back to massachusetts. or maybe i just dreamt that. is "dreamt" a word? how bout, "dreampted"... oh yeah. sweeeeet.

anyway, come home! you too, leener!

1:31 AM EST


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