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20 October 2006

Tooks McBlogovich

I think October is the funnest month. Nothing begins in October (the school year begins in August or September; the calendar year in January or February if you're a late bloomer), which I love since I get anxious about things beginning. The leaves turn up here in the frozen wastelands; in Texas the temperature drops below five thousand degrees. Apples continue to ripen, and pumpkins grow plumpkin. It gets brisk, then cool, then coldy (but not yet cold). And rainy. The leaves go flying when it's blustery in the rain and stick to the sidewalk in wild sprayed pools of goldenrod or crimson or burnt orange. Dachshunds complain about having wet feet and wet bellies, from the splashback of their wet feet. (Don't laugh; it's a serious problem.) People put on sweaters and turn up the thermostat and think more about snuggling. They think about stews and pies. They grow beards.

Now, November has its charms, like the best holiday (Thanksgiving) and the almost-Christmasness of the latter part of the month, but it's usually cold and cloudy without much snow and with lots of cold rain. Very few snow days most years. December's an obvious favorite, but kinda wild with all the shopping and the family. I won't even get into January, February and March--unspeakably horrible, each in its own perverted way (March the least so, because of a couple birthdays). April's fun because of a billion birthdays (mine, yours, and everyone you know's), but usually still a little cool and rainy. May and June are ok, but there's lots of goodbyes usually (graduations and weddings--people saying goodbye to their friends and their old (fun) lives [just kidding! sheesh!]). July and August are fine with lots of sunshine, but the summer's tough because the weather is mostly fantastic and you're mostly not enjoying it like you used to do when you were a kid. September has too many beginnings and adjustments. So we return to October, the funnest month. As final proof, I offer you the fact that the end of this month, tens if not hundreds of millions of people in this country and others will all dress up in silly costumes and parade around, begging for candy or laughs or both.

October: funnest month ever.

Hoist a glass of cider in tribute with me,



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