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04 September 2006

Tooks McBlogovich

Happy Mother Jones Day, everybody. Happy Cesar Chavez Day, and A. Philip Randolph Day, and Woody Guthrie Day. Happy Weekend Day, and Eight-Hour Workday Day, and Worker's Comp Day, and Fair Wage Day. Happy Aren't-You-Glad-You-Don't-Work-In-a-Sweatshop Day.

Enjoy it, and don't forget the people who fought to make it so. And remember, too, the people who make our shirts and jeans, and the people who clean the toilets where we work (and maybe where we live), and the people who cook our foods in restaurants (and maybe in our homes), and the people who pick our tomatoes and peaches and bananas and apples, and the people who build our homes and our roads.

Sing "I'm-a stickin' to the union till the day I die" with me,



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