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08 October 2006

Tooks McBlogovich

It's time to start thinking about a Halloween costume. Usually I'm pretty lame, but my lovely lady is brilliant when it comes to costume ideas. Last year will be tough to top:

global warming.

So rich. So original. So...Halloweeny.

Like I say, tough to top.

Put on your thinking cap with me,



Blogger Jenny said...

Oh my gosh that costume made me seriously crack up! Now I can't wait to see how you'll (or should I say Kat will) top that! Your facial expression in that pic is priceless!

8:14 AM EDT

Blogger Katie said...

yeah that definitely made me LOL. Cat is a superstar.

1:23 PM EDT

Blogger Matt said...

You said weenie.

8:59 PM EDT

Anonymous Lena said...

Love it. You should be this:
Operation Game Man - Wear pale pink or flesh-colored clothing, with a red clown nose and fake wig. Use felt to create game pieces (butterflies in the stomach, broken heart, wrenched ankle, etc.). Attach the pieces to the appropriate location on your body with velcro. Optional: Carry a large pair of tweezers so people can try their luck at removing your parts, and carry a hidden hand buzzer.
Ok so I found it on the internet, but I thought it was a good one for you! Miss you. - Lena

1:57 PM EDT


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