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31 August 2006

Tooks McBlogovich


What in the Sam Hill is up with this weather? It's positively fall-like. What, no Indian summer?

(Is that a racist term, btw? Would we say, white-guy summer? Hispanic summer? African-American summer? [We definitely would not say that last one.] We probably should come up with another term for when it's hot and about to become cool. Maybe the "Very-Very-End of Summer, Seriously." I welcome better proposals than this for the renaming of that special time that appears not to be in the lineup this year.)

Don't get me wrong: I don't mind the cool. Fall's my favorite time of year because I'm part Puritan. Cool weather means cold weather, and cold weather means I get to be punished for what I feel guilty about, i.e., everything.

But it's a little odd to miss out on the tail end of the heat. Who knows, though--maybe this climate change thing changed the good old Northeast when I was in Austin, and now fall arrives the third week of August. Or maybe I just forgot how things work up here, and it seems strange that it won't be 100 degrees in October. Whatever the case, it's cool, and I don't quite trust it.

Sleep with one weather eye open, with me,



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