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05 June 2004

sigh. another month--plus. i don't know what my problem has been. work's busy, no internet in my apartment, mad at ryan seacrest--the old excuses just don't seem to hold up anymore. basically, i'm suffering from l.b.s.--lazy blogger syndrome. but i vow, here, now, at the risk of losing what little credibility i still hold, that i will henceforth make a serious and sustained effort to blog at least once a week. i will allow my largely hostile audience their weekly glimpse into the miasma of drudgery that is my existence, and i will bow my head under the slings of their commented ridicule without so much as a whimper of acknowledgement. why will i do this?

because i am unrepentently self-absorbed.

big news on the road-to-rock-stardom front: i bought a guitar. it's one of those cheesy starter kits, with the soft case ("gig bag"), pitch pipe, and instructional dvd included, but i figure, you've got to start somewhere. soon, i will be rocking such tunes as "oh when the saints come marching in" and "camptown races" (or so i hope). i'll wait a week or so before i put out a call for bandmates, but if you're absolutely barren of musical talent but you love to rock out, start thinking of band names better than "harry long and the twins" or "todd and the raw chesters." if you can top those--and i'm not convinced that's possible--let's talk.

speaking of rochester, former caterine garcia-roommate, poet, and all-around superstar brandi swanier made her triumphant return to the unites states not long ago, and stopped by the lone star capital to pay us a visit (mostly to cat, but i'm here too). together we explored central texas's natural wonders, rode an armadillo, ate grilled corn, and enjoyed the frat-boy atmosphere of historic 6th st. now, ms. swanier is embarking on an illustratious career in the glamorous medical profession, starting at the university of pittsburg in lovely pittsburg, pa. we wish her all the best and eagerly anticipate addressing her as dr. swanier.

also speaking of rochester, former yellowjacket and current umass medical student jossi braun--like me, a son of the bay state--is planning to drive an ambulance in israel this summer. your prayers and positive vibrations are most humbly requested.

as is your indulgence for my soon-to-be-conquered l.b.s. keep checking the blogovich, and keep commenting. your scorn keeps me going.

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