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19 February 2004

for starters: an awesome blog by someone we don't know (or at least i don't):

now, today's installment:

i went to the hipster laundromat today, on the chic end of duval rd., down by asti and the freshplus. i didn't want to go there, but this couple was monopolizing the few working washers at the washeteria (by "few" i mean ten or twelve, which was startling and irritating to me--why would just two people need to use every functional machine in the joint?), i had to go to option two. i was at first intimidated, since there were many pretty young things in low-cut chuck taylors and highwaters, short-haired, multiply pierced and many-tattoed, wearing small, pseudo-dorky black-rimmed glasses, and reading comic books. there was also this pair of video game designers who were talking about games they were developing. (one of them was explaining a big mission to mars idea that sounded kinda lame to me. (hilariously, though, the guy blurted out an authentic abe-ism when he said the music for the game was going to be kinda like 1950s sci-fi movie music, but more "electronical." beautiful).)

then i realized that i was a young twentysomething in a strange t-shirt my sister made for me (thanks, sis, it's very cool) and italian jeans (don't mock me; i bought them in italy); that i was not in the office at three in the afternoon; and that, having just crossed the street to the freshplus to break a twenty dollar bill, i had bought a half-gallon of soy milk.

i was, therefore, the hipster i had so feared when i entered. i walked out a changed man--the man i was all along.

stick to the washeteria with me,


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