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12 February 2004

this is not a lie: cat is in training for her new job, and the guy training her is named sylvester. get it? sylvester - cat?


in other news, i went running in sweatpants today since it was chilly out (in the high 30s/low 40s, believe it or not) and since i don't have my bancroft soccer warm-up pants (they're in rutland). the sweatpants i have are the old-school Champion heather gray kind, bought for $9.99 at Wal-Mart. i thought i would look cool, like rocky when he's runs up the steps. instead i looked like a fat person. not in terms of girth, mind you. just style-wise. i don't know why, but in the image i have of a fat person out running, he/she is invariably clad in sweatpants of exactly that kind, or maybe forest green ones. either way, i looked absurd. i need my warm-ups. i could have mama and papa ruderman send them to me; it would probably be easier, though, just to go to the old navy two minutes from my apartment and buy another pair for $15.

anyway. a random observation: john kerry reminds me of the old man in the mountain, that craggy rock formation in new hampshire that fell down not so long ago. he's very craggy in the face, kerry is. he looks presidential. craggily presidential.

admire the craggy candidate with me,


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