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11 February 2004

the people are many, and they have spoken.

"tell us about austin," they say.

only at your own risk do you deny the people what they want.

so here:

in austin, the freeway is king of the road.

in austin, people say "y'all." that means "you all" and it is used to address two or more people.

in austin, people gripe about the cold when it's colder than 60 degrees. they drive crazy when it rains.

in austin, pickles are sold in movie theaters (see blog from 5 january.)

in austin, many, many people have bands that play live music. some of these bands are talented and entertaining.

in austin, 30% of the population is hispanic.

in austin, there are many, many restaurants that serve mexican food. many of these serve authentic mexican salsa. the authentic mexican salsa that they serve is hot. very hot. they don't ask you whether you want it hot. they just put it there on the table and go away. and you eat it, and it is hot, and you like it.

in austin, you can play ultimate frisbee in short sleeves and shorts in january and not be cold. and you're happy, despite the yarfing.

in austin, they like lbj, but dubya isn't that popular. (this may surprise you, but it's true.)

in austin is the world headquarters of whole foods, inc.

in austin, approximately one of every ten cars has a sticker on it saying "keep austin weird."

that's just a taste of austin, of course; and after six weeks here, that's about all i've digested. i'll keep y'all posted, though.

bask in the reflected glory of the commenting millions with me,


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