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23 January 2004

my apartment is one the old side (on the old side of what, i dunno--of new, i guess), and i have been trying to keep it clean to combat the depressing feeling of living in something built in the sixties or seventies. cleaning makes me think of the nature of cleanliness, and in that spirit i would like to forward the following theories:

1) the presence of a quarter, a nickel and two pennies on any visible flat surface makes the surrounding room look disorderly; and

2) any kind of hair not attached to a body, whether yours or anyone else's, is gross. in the bathroom, it is ten times as gross. on the bathroom floor, it is one hundred times as gross. in the tub, it is one hundred thousand times as gross.

i will close this somewhat random blog with a random but amusing comment. today, during the last day of a 50 hour work week, my boss told me i was stealing from poor people. why? because somebody lost my scissors.

be amused and puzzled with me,


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