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08 February 2004

this will amuse those of you who have ever coached me or played with me in bancroft sports, especially those who ran with me or observed me running those first two complexes of soccer preseason (and lacrosse preseason, too, now that i think of it):

last week i had my first two games of spring league ultimate in austin. and during the first game, excruciatingly true to form, i yarfed.

some things never change. like the fact that i let myself get so badly out of shape, then yarf the first time i have to run and jump for any sustained period of time.

oh well. at least i didn't yarf into my helmet* like i did that time at berwick. jonny d. is still laughing about that one, wherever he is.

get in shape with me,

*to pre-empt all the smarty-pantses who would be commenting (despite the lack of commentability on this blog) that nobody wears a helmet in ultimate, i would like to state that i was trying to draw a comparison regarding the relative disgustingness and embarrassment of vomiting during those two occasions, and the fact that the helmet i was wearing during the berwick lacrosse experience was far worse than the recent, helmetless austin experience.


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