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03 August 2006

Tooks McBlogovich

Please don't be alarmed at this rash of rash blogs. The truth is, I got home late from class, kenlowcellcellcell commented, and I just had to get back in the game in a big way.

Here's the thing: Will Ferrell (sp?) has a new movie out: Talladega (sp?) Nights. And I'm going to see it. In the theater. Now why, you may be asking yourself, gentle reader, why is this notoriously cheap bastard going to drop upwards of $8.50 to see a movie in the theater that is likely to be infantile, crass and regressive? The answer, aside from the obvious (Will Ferrell is a genius), has two names: Sascha (sp?) Baron Cohen. Need I say more? Ok, I might need: his aka is Ali G. Now do you get it? Booyakasha! Aaiight?

Watch the complete first season plus never-before-aired bonus scenes with me,


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