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03 August 2006

Tooks McBlogovich

Sometimes people sweat a lot at eight in the morning. These times are called "August."

If you find yourself sweating, and you don't seem to be doing anything to deserve it--like working out or being accused of a crime you didn't commit--just keep that in mind: it's August. People sweat. It's the way God intended it. Air conditioning, as cool and clean and comfortable and beautiful and joyful and sweet as it may be, is not natural. And it's expensive. And it harms our earth. And it drips on people's heads outside your apartment. And it might make you fat, according to some researchers.

So just deal. Sweat a little. It builds character. Stay in the shade. Watch movies about the North Pole. Put ice down your pants. Swim in a local waterway, unless it's too polluted. (In that case, don't.) Discourage people from touching you, unless those people are holding glasses of lemonade to apply to the back of your neck, or damp washcloths to press against your forehead. Sweat, because it's August, and it's probably good for you.

Pop a water plug with me,



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