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22 December 2003

sorry i was absent over the weekend, not that anyone really missed the old mcblogovich. except for the hecklers.

just a quick observation:

what the heck happened to joe namath? did anyone see him during the pats game? he told the female espn correspondent (not lisa guerrero, the other one) that he wanted to kiss her -- twice. (that is, he told her twice that he wanted to kiss her, not that he told her he wanted to give her two separate kisses, or engage in kissing with her on two separate occasions, or as part of two distinct sessions. anyway.) i didn't know whether to think he had some mental degenerative disorder that i never knew about, or whether nobody at espn noticed he was blitzed (no pun intended), or they did and decided to go ahead with the interview anyway. either way, watching that segment was one of the most profoundly embarrassing moments for me as a viewer in the history of my tv viewing career. the strangest part--besides the obvious strangeness of the whole thing--was that the commentators didn't know what to say. one of them said, "that joe namath--such a happy guy," to which the other guy said, "oh, he's happy, all right," and then the second half kickoff was mercifully kicked off, leaving us all to wonder: what the heck happened to joe namath?

scratch your head with me,


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