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19 December 2003

speaking of googling, i would like to host a google whomping competition on this blog, starting as soon as i enable my comment section here. for those of you unfamiliar with google whomping, it's an interweb game (not to be confused with interweb girlfriend) wherein a person tries to google two words and two words only and come up with just one hit (no more, no less. three is too many...). the words cannot be in quotes or otherwise googled as part of a phrase. just two words. of course, it's prohibited to make your own website in which you include two ridiculously rare words you just took from the dictionary. it's a game of wits, and a doozy at that. it might sound easy or lame to the uninitiated, but i encourage you to try it. it's surprisingly tough, but really engaging at the same time. for those of you who are receptionists or who hate the soulless corporations you work for, or both, or neither, and want to kill some time at work, google whomping is superb.

as for the contest rules, write me a comment giving me the words you used, the number of hits that came up, and the link to prove it (cut and past the address from the google page). the lowest number of hits at the end of three weeks (11:59:59 am central time on 9 january is the last possible second your post can be received by me), or the first one-hit wonder is the winner. the prize: i will lengthily and gratuitously sing the praises of the winning person, and that person may command me to publicly disclose the most humiliating fact he/she knows or can unearth about me.

i hope at least someone takes up my challenge. even if no one else is interested, i ask the enlow family as mental athletes(and physical ones, but most importantly mental for these purposes) par supreme to make this an intra-family match, with the winner gaining additional bragging rights at all family gatherings for the period of one year.

play with me,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

^_^ I found one.

link to the search:

the search: ataraxy technomancer

number of results: 1

link to result:

definition of terms (as from
ataraxy: a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquillity.
technomancer: someone who performs Technomancy

found by: Fingalia... I really miss google whomping! Thanks for the challenge. I'll try to come back to your site some time.

1:04 AM EST


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