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11 December 2005

if kenblowcellcellcell can come back from a long time away, i can, too. (i've done it before, darnitall. and i'll probably do it again.) so here i am. i don't want to strain my bloggimus maximus by blogging too fast or furious, so i will limit myself to a shortish list. please enjoy, and if you do, encourage me by commenting. when it comes to your attention, i am like a four-year-old child: i crave it, and if i have to, i'll color on the walls with permanent markers to get it.

that being said:

1) my dog is coprophagic. this means he eats poop. don't let him lick your face. but he is alarmingly cute.

2) austin had twenty-degree temperatures and an ice storm last week. and i had been moaning about missing the cold.

3) my lovely lady will soon be hearing from nursing schools soon, and then soon after we'll know where we're off to and when this spring. call me for details. and to offer interest-free loans.

4) it's almost christmas. awesome.

5) i have so much shopping to do. not awesome.

6) i am so ready for the rose bowl and nfl playoffs.

7) i am so ready for another vacation.

so: i have missed you, my people. my absence has been long and fraught with every imaginable peril , pitfall and persecution. (mainly procrastination, though.) yet i persevered, and, pleased, i present a plan: to post more prequently. er, you know.

sing 'angels we have heard on high' with me,


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