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29 March 2005

austin is seriously digging my mustache.

it's getting intense. before, there was just a chin beard (somewhat more ample than a goatee), and it had moderate sideburns as buddies on the block, and austin was cool with that. people nodded at me. i didn't sign any autographs, and no women required powerful sedatives to control themselves as they passed me on the street.

then came the era of the 'stache. i grew it on a whim, as i tend to do once a year or so. mostly the whim is this: i think i'll grow out the lip shrubbery again--maybe this time i won't look so much like somebody's creepy uncle who lives in michigan. also, whimmed my whim, maybe those two little bare patches on either side of my mouth will fill in just a little bit, dammit.

and lo and behold--i don't and they did! and it's kind of killer. i submit the following anecdotes as evidence:

1) the girlfriend winces when we kiss (shut up, wise guy, i saw that one coming and you'll have to do better than that) since it's a very spiky 'stache, but she told me not to shave it yet, 'cause it's badass (my word, not hers, but i read between the lines).

2) three people at work (only two of which like me very much) have told me they like my beard, which translates to my mustache since i got no similar compliments on the mere chin beard.

3) two mexicans told me they like it, and mexicans are professionals when it comes to mustaches. they know from mustaches, and mine is padre, buey.

but i don't want you to take my word for it, and i'm willing to put my money where my mustache is, so to speak: soon (don't ask me when) will commence in this blogosphere the first-ever mustache poll, where people from all over the internet will be allowed to weigh in on the 'stache, and even to decide the fate of the my hairy bigotes. first, of course, i must needs post a picture of said bigotes, which will require some technological training from my IT guru (aka my girlfriend). however, look soon for a picture of my lip-hair (not my hair lip) on this blog, and form your own unbiased opinion--be the first on your block!. i will post some categories of discernment (e.g. overall hipness, fullness, shape, similarity to creepy michigan uncle, etc.) and you'll be the judge. and it will be called....American Mustache.

to get you in the mood, and as a sweet closer, here's the etymology of mustache, swiped from look out--it might just surprise you (greek?! who'd a thunk it?):

French moustache, from Italian dialectal mustaccio, from Medieval Greek moustakion, from Greek mustax, mustache, upper lip.

admire my moustakion with me,


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